Webinar: Hong Kong Employment Law Essentials in a Changing World: Part 3 – Flexible and Agile Working

Over the past year and a half, the shifting nature of the workplace has become a highly topical issue everywhere around the world, nowhere more so than Hong Kong. We have seen flexible and agile working become increasingly prevalent as organisations in Hong Kong were forced to rapidly respond first to the city-wide protests and then navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will highlight the key legal and practical concerns that organisations should consider when deploying flexible and agile working, and what flexible and agile working actually means in a Hong Kong context.

We will:

-discuss the different types of flexible and agile working arrangements;
-provide guidance on how to address the relevant health and safety concerns, roll-out requirements, and working hours tracking requirements etc. when deploying such arrangements; and
-explore some of the trends we are seeing as we prepare for the post-pandemic working world.

In this webinar, Jeannette Tam, Senior Managing Associate and Stephanie Wong, Managing Associate of our Hong Kong Employment Team will explore this topical discussion with you.

Click here to download the Top Ten Takeaways flyer.

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