The Workforce of the Future - launch video

In this video, our International HR Services team is proud to announce the launch of our Workforce of the Future series.

This series examines some of the hidden risks associated with new and emerging ways of working. We bring together a variety of different voices, including legal experts, HR professionals and other contributors to provide their insights on these issues and challenges. We will discuss questions we are talking to our clients about, including:
- Can we allow our employees to work from anywhere in the world?
- What’s the best employment model in order to maintain a flexible workforce, while being compliant and treating our staff well?
- Can we use automated screening of CVs and social media profiles when recruiting new hires?
- How can we show employees that we care, without being criticised for being too political?
- How can we keep our confidential data secure, when employee turnover is high and our employees are working remotely?

The first part of the series focuses on issues around alternative employment structures, such as employers of record, working from anywhere, and global mobility issues. Watch this space for further information. We hope you can join us!

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