The Ethical Workplace & The Law in Practice - Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, an interview with Susan Guy, Regional Head of Employee Relations & Policy, Asia Pacific at HSBC

This video provides a business perspective on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Covering the following questions:

  • How are employers working to prevent sexual harassment and have you seen any changes in approach to this issue in recent years/months?
  • Are there common types of training or procedures employers are adopting to prevent sexual harassment?
  • Once reported, how are employers dealing with sexual harassment? Are you seeing any changes in this respect?
  • Are there any common barriers to reporting incidents of workplace sexual harassment in your country?
  • Is there anything you think employers can do better to encourage reporting of incidents or are you seeing any positive change in your own company as a result of new approaches?
  • In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, or just the more general shift to flexible and remote working in recent times, have you seen any changes to the way sexual harassment takes place in the increasingly remote workplace?

We have a contribution from Susan Guy, Regional Head of Employee Relations & Policy, Asia Pacific at HSBC.

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