The Ethical Workplace & The Law in Action: The Limits of Positive Action

In this session, chaired by Alison Dixon (UK), with international contributors across Europe and APAC, we discuss workplace diversity and inclusion, and in particular the way in which the law might require, enable or even constrain an employer in its efforts to increase diversity in it's workforce.

Some of the issues covered:

- How can employers improve on diversity & inclusion in the workplace without falling foul of legal rules on discrimination?
- What is the current climate on this issue around the world?
- How (if at all) does the law enable employers to take positive steps?
- What is on the horizon?

Our international contributors were: Alison Dixon (Chair, Partner, UK); Anish Pathak (Associate, UK); Soren Pedersen (Partner, Denmark); Karolina Stawicka (Counsel, Poland): and Leila Moddel (Senior Associate, Australia).

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