Overcoming the challenges of trade and economic sanction regimes

In this video, Brian Mulier explains trade and economic sanction regimes and gives his five tips for minimising disruption.

Other topics covered in this video include:

  • What governing bodies have the power to trade and economic impose sanctions.
  • Which governments and/or sectors are most commonly impacted.
  • The practical challenges that sanctions present for businesses trading with sanctioned industries or countries.
  • Why financial institutions often block funds transfers, even when these transfers are not subject to sanctions.
  • Why exporters are particularly at risk from witheld funds and what they can do to protect themselves.
  • Why due diligence is key to minimising the impact of sanctions.
  • The importance of screening counter parties in trade deals.

Want to know more?

On 9 December 2014 Bird & Bird's Dutch Trade & Customs group hosted a successful seminar "A closer look at EU sanctions and other restrictive measures" in The Hague. This seminar has been recorded.

Please click here to learn more about this.

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