Moving To The Cloud

In this video, Fabian Niemann and Howard Rubin explain how to maximise value when moving to the cloud and give some tips for businesses on avoiding the potential pitfalls.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The origins of the cloud
  • Strategies for maximising value when moving to the cloud
  • Why moving services to the cloud in stages is a key part of any cloud strategy
  • The areas of business where cloud can bring the most value
  • The key concerns and threats of moving to the cloud
  • How the NSA scandals have impacted the perception of cloud security
  • The biggest commercial concerns to consider when moving to cloud services
  • What makes cloud services contracts different from traditional IT outsourcing contracts
  • How cloud services have changed the way that IT is supplied to companies
  • What challenges IT lawyers face in guiding clients through the process of moving to the cloud
  • What the future of cloud computing will look like

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