IT meets Automotive Part one: Innovations in e-mobility

In part one of our 'IT meets Automotive' series, partner Roelien van Neck discusses innovative new models for car ownership, e-mobility and how manufacturers can utilise Big Data.

Topics covered include:

  • What payment models are being put in place by owners of fleets of cars?
  • What are the challenges of e-mobility?
  • How can Big Data be used by manufacturers to better understand the needs of car users?
  • What is range anxiety and how will better charging infrastructure kick-start the e-mobility industry?
  • Why manufacturers need to be aware of data protection issues when using Big Data from consumers?

View part two: 
Big Data and the Automotive industry with Roberto Camilli and Alexander Duisberg.

View part three: 
Infotainment in the Automotive Industry with Roelien van Neck

Want to know more? 
Our IT & Automotive Seminar – Driving the Business through IT is coming up!

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