German Employment Essentials Part 3 - Different Types of Leave under German Law

Is it true that in Germany an employee cannot be terminated under any circumstance? Is the administrative burden for employers in Germany really so extensive? Are employees forbidden to work on Sundays? Do all employees in Germany have a company car? Are works councils always a headache? These and many others are common questions and prevailing myths that are regularly raised by our international clients, who are often apprehensive of German employment law.

Therefore, our German employment law team has initiated a series of bi-monthly webinars on Employment Essentials in Germany, which guides you through the most critical aspects of German employment law: In the first session in 2021, our German lawyers offered a general overview on different types of leave under German law, discussing leave during the ongoing employment as well as during the notice period after unilateral termination of the employment by the employer.

Watch here our webinar’s recording from February 04, 2021, which covers interesting facts about several questions, as e.g. is there special dismissal protection during leave? Any recommended stipulations in employment contracts? How to calculate remuneration during leave? And what about part-time work during leave?

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