Digital Services Package: should the European Union police the Internet?

The publication of the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA) marks the start of the biggest overhaul of EU rules governing the digital market in two decades. The act is a flagship project of the European Commission’s plan to create ‘a Europe fit for the digital age’.

Join Bird & Bird’s regulatory and public affairs team to hear what the DSA will mean for your business. Our experts will dive into questions including:

What new responsibilities will large technology companies face?
Which binding rules are foreseen to tackle illegal and harmful content online?
Will new corporate processes be needed to vet online vendors?
What information should consumers have about the ads that they see online?
How can the European Union enforce new rules in relation to multinational companies?
What are the potential fines or risks for companies that fail to comply?
Will the new rules curb the market power of the largest technology companies?
How does the DSA sit alongside other EU initiatives in the data and IP field?
How can interested parties get involved in the public policy debate?
The webinar will kick off a Bird & Bird series of online communications about the DSA.

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