Data & HR: Diversity, equity and inclusion

In corporate practice, the use of data is omnipresent these days. Data is often underestimated or overlooked, specifically in the modern human resources area, and it is playing an ever-increasing role for CHROs, HR directors and managers and corporate counsel.

In our diverse and multicultural society, there is growing attention when it comes to matters related to Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. On the one hand, employers seek to provide equal opportunities to their employees regardless of their gender, sex, age, political opinion and other criteria protected under the anti-discrimination law. On the other hand, what are the limits and obligations companies need to keep in mind when seeking to create a diverse and equitable workplace?

Cecilia Lahaye, Counsel in our Brussels Employment team, highlights some crucial considerations employers should take into account when pursuing DE&I objectives.

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