Bird & Bird's Ethical Workplace & HR Data Essentials - Diversity Monitoring – delivering an effective equality, diversity and inclusivity strategy

Data is crucial to the development of an effective strategy to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace – if you don’t know where there is under-representation, you won’t know where action needs to be targeted. However, the collection and processing of diversity information is strictly regulated under data protection law and must therefore be carefully thought out and executed to minimise legal risk. If a business gets this wrong, the exposure can be great, no matter how admirable its aims.

This internationally-focussed webinar covers several facets of diversity monitoring and data collection, from the policy to the law, including some key questions and issues.

-Policy: why is data relevant to forming an organisation's equality, diversity and inclusivity agenda and policy
-Law: how can employers collect and use data, taking into account legal obligations that differ greatly across the globe?
-Implementation: once data has been collected lawfully, how do you go about successfully implementing a diversity program? What are the consequences of getting it wrong?

Our panel is comprised of an international, cross-practice group, and we are delighted to be joined by our guest speaker, Dr. Zara Nanu (CEO and Co-Founder, Gapsquare).

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