Bird & Bird's Dissecting Disputes Series: Force Majeure: How to Prepare for the Extraordinary

The first of these webinars will address the issue of ‘force majeure’ - a clause in contracts which essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties occurs. The past year and a half has been anything but ordinary, so it is timely to address how businesses can protect themselves in times of uncertainty. During this webinar our panel of experts will be assessing what we can learn from recent cases where ‘force majeure’ clauses were exercised; what can you do to protect yourselves at the drafting stage; and what lessons businesses can learn from the pandemic.

Force Majeure – a brief overview
Recent examples in practice and what to look out for
Practical tips when exercising or drafting a Force Majeure clause.


Jonathan Speed, Partner, Bird & Bird
Victoria Hobbs, Partner, Bird & Bird
Rachel Glass, Associate, Bird & Bird

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