Asia-Pacific Employment Webinar – Uberization and Changing Work Patterns

This webinar focuses on the laws in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and the extent to which they accommodate or hinder the implementation of less traditional working patterns and arrangements.

Specifically we will address the following topics:

The on-going "employee-contractor/freelancer" debate - the local rules in theory and in practice
The challenges of protecting the business with a diverse and less directly controlled workforce
Agency workers and how these arrangements generally work and what to look out for
Non-full-time and flexible working arrangements and local obligations
The webinar is led by Pattie Walsh (Co-Head of our Asia-Pacific Employment Practice) as well as members of our highly regarded International Employment team – Kristy Peacock-Smith (Australia), Ying Wang (China), Stephanie Wong (Hong Kong) and Goh Seow Hui (Singapore).

Watch our previous Asia-Pacific Employment webinar on 'Reductions in Force' here.

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